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Stock Photo Licensing Options 

1) Online website use:  Unlimited online use (no printing):
Unlimited right to use the purchased low resolution image online only; not allowed to print.  Choose this option to use the photo for your online magazines, blogs, articles, or to design an online web advertisement.  Best choice for bloggers and online news and/or magazines.  Regular Price $50.00
2) Magazine and Print Publication use: One-time printed use (no online publishing):
The right to reproduce the purchased high resolution image on up to 100,000 copies of a single printed article. Choose this image to publish the photo in your print publication or to use to prepare a print advertisement. Best choice for magazine and newspaper editors, and for companies preparing print advertisements and brochures. Regular Price $200.00
3) Full Commercial use: Royalty-free commercial use:
A royalty-free right to use the purchased high resolution image for any purpose, for profit or otherwise.  Choose this option to publish the photo any way you wish, including publishing the photo on products intended for sale.  Best choice for companies looking for new art and photos to place on products created for sale in brick and mortar retail establishments, as well as print on demand companies.  Choosing this option gives your company the right to use the image without the hassle of keeping up with royalty payments, as it's a one time payment only.  Regular Price $500.00
Licensing Available on All Photos and Art 
Click on the Buy option above the image of your choice, and then "Select Product".
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